Hi! I’m Geoff Caine

Firstly, I need to say that this is a non-commercial website so there’s nothing for sale, no adverts, no spam . I created and maintain this site as a hobby to share with others.

I love to take a break from the routine and often ask myself “and for my next trip where shall I go?”

Well, this website is all about that question and hopefully will provide some answers.

I’ve populated the web site with, well, not just anywhere, but places coupled with weather conditions that I was taken aback with.
Places that I had to record for pleasurable recall for myself and hopefully for others who have visited the locations or are seeking something new.

I started this website in 2014 and so it will take some time to populate. But it will grow! If you want to be emailed when pages are added see below.

I hope it answers your question “Where shall I go for my next visit?”. If not I hope you enjoy it, nevertheless.

Best Wishes