Pembrokeshire – “Holiday Gems to Visit”

Pembrokeshire is one of the gems of Wales to holiday in. It has some splendid sandy beaches, characterful towns, beautiful scenery and splendid waterways.

Families tend to stay in the well-known holiday towns such as Tenby, Saundersfoot and Amroth and let their children enjoy the beaches when the weather allows. The first two of these towns plus Pembroke with its splendid castle are where they head to when are presented with non-beach weather . But there are many places of interest and a superb wildlife park where you can mix with the animals instead of peering through wire netting at them.

Pembroke Dock town is the gateway to Ireland and is impressive just to sit and watch the comings, manoeuvres and goings of the large Irish Ferry boats and the many other local boats. For non-beach or holiday-makers without children staying in this small town is a great tour centre with its easy access to the views of Milford Haven and major roads to both north as well as south Pembrokeshire.

In many towns and cities the drab concrete rendering of the buildings has been blotted out by painting them not only in bright, vivid colours but also using a different colour for adjoining buildings. The result? Truly exciting and a very pleasant and uplifting experience to behold.
Some areas of Bristol have used this technique to good effect when the buildings border the Floating Harbour.
I do not what came first – Bristol, Wales, or elsewhere – but the visual enhancement is remarkable.

Of particular note and not to be missed is Manor Wildlife Park. This is not a commercialised children’s theme park but a genuine celebration of our wonderful fellow animals, able to roam about amongst visitors.


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So let’s take a look at some popular places.


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The Harbour

Tenby certainly seems to me to have improved its vitality and visual vibrance since I first visited it a few decades ago. The narrow streets leading down steps to the sea create short and picturesque views of what the picturesque harbour will provide.

Facing the sea there is a mount on the right which provides a pleasant ascending walk and clear view of the town and sea.


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Tenby Gallery

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A seaside resort with a great beech and a splendid harbour with many “pleasure” boats moored. There are some interesting shops and mainly café type eating places. It’s a seaside resort that has a smile on its face and this melts over onto visitors especially in sunny weather – good place for families.

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Saundersfoot Gallery

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Pembroke Dock

OD4A6589Pembroke Dock majors on the Milford Haven the estuary of the Cleddau Ddu river,  and the gateway to southern Ireland provided by the Pembroke UK to Rosslare ferry. The views across the water are stunning and fascinating to watch the comings and goings of local boat traffic and the ferry to Ireland.

Although not a town for beach lovers, it nevertheless is well situated for touring both north and south Pembrokeshire with all the southern towns in this article as well as the northern gems of St Davids with its splendid cathedral,  beach resorts of Little Haven, Broad Haven, Notlon Haven and major town Haverfordwest as well as country treasures such as Lawrenny.

There are a number of well priced hotels and guest houses, probably originated as stopping off places for the ferry. There are also large supermarkets for self-caterers.

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Pembroke Dock Gallery

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Manor Wildlife Park

Its mission is to protect and secure endangered species ecosystems. 

The park was taken over by Anna Ryder Richardson and husband Colin MacDougall in the Spring of 2008.

“We want our visitors to connect with animals and their environments, connect with natural surroundings, connect with the environment and the serious challenges and threats facing the survival of the planet. We want people to make connections, and understand the inter-connectedness of flora, fauna and world climates or biomes.

Here you can mingle with the animals without the barriers and netting of other zoos. A truly wonderful interface with our animal companions.

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Manor Wildlife Park Gallery

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