Visit Manor Wildlife Park

Manor Wildlife Park

This is a super place for animal lovers as opposed to commercialised theme parks.

Here you can mingle with the animals without the barriers and netting of other zoos. A truly wonderful interface with our animal companions.

It is situated in Pembrokeshire see below.

To get a greater bearing on where this is, click on the map with your mouse and use the scroll wheel to zoom out or in the view of the area.

Its mission is to protect and secure endangered species ecosystems.

The park was taken over by Anna Ryder Richardson and husband Colin MacDougall in the Spring of 2008.

“We want our visitors to connect with animals and their environments, connect with natural surroundings, connect with the environment and the serious challenges and threats facing the survival of the planet. We want people to make connections, and understand the inter-connectedness of flora, fauna and world climates or biomes.

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Manor Wildlife Park Gallery