Shrewsbury Shropshire – “A Historic Town With Many Tudor Buildings and Shuts”

Shrewsbury is a Shropshire medium size town with a population of approximately 72000 people with a history dating back to 901.

It is one of the best-preserved Tudor towns with many listed 16th century black and white buildings.

For nature lovers the Dingle is a well kept and maintained pleasure garden with a pool and fountains.

The town’s centre is contained in an almost closed loop of the River Severn and the rest of the country is connected by two main bridges known as the Engish Bridge on the East side and the Welsh Bridge on the West side. The latter is not also a bridge into Wales which is around 36 miles away as the crow flies

The town is picturesque and and has a vivid character which encourages photo taking by visitors.

So what is a Shut? It is a pedestrian pasage way throuh a building in one street into the street behind. One can be seen in image 22 in the gallery below.


Below is a gallary of photos I took in April 2022.

Click/Tap any image to open a slide show with captions that name the locations. Then close the slide show by a Click/Tap on the x at the upper right of the display.

Geoff Caine